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So, you want another college or institute of higher education? If you’re smart, you’ve already done your FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are several sources of help, such as grants and scholarships, which are a limited resource, and the early risers, goes to the first bite in those particular worms. The FAFSA is the key to these and the loans that are under programs of the Federal Government.

Many of the student loans from the Federal Republic ofFAFSA, or financed by private companies like Sallie Mae (none governmental organization in general), Wells Fargo, College Loan Corporation than many people think, etc. These are the lenders under the FFEL or Federal Family Education Loan Program.

Many of you will have no choice who your lender. The school can with DIRECT program of the federal government, the work of the loan, ie, directly from the government. There is no confusion in this case, but youmay miss some of the bonuses that the private companies that offer the FFEL program, such as discounted interest rates.

Others find that their school a “preferred lender” has, and you have no choice, which is their student lenders. This can be for the benefit of the school, because their process will be streamlined, or perhaps there was an incentive to the lender for the school only with this company.

The rest of you are now bombarded with choices. In most cases,Telephoning is the end of the numbers in the mailers and speaking to a student loan officer.

Before, I for one of the major student loan companies have to work. If you try for a loan based on FAFSA for college and university to come, you will be pitched into a very special way.

I will tell you about how they can sell these loans for you.

The education loan consolidation and Plus / Stafford loans places that you find in a consumer resource,FAFSA loan will have ready on equal terms with the financial support of the education industry can be just.

There’s nothing sneaky, but you want to be prepared so that you make the decision that is best for you, not for the student loan officer. These people are paid on a commission basis.

PLUS loans and Stafford loans

On the PLUS Loan and Stafford Loan Script page you will find an explanation for the pitch I for federal education –Loans if the students still in school. Two things that was in us give it a sense of urgency, and also that this is a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT program has been beating the drums. We have not told anyone to think that we were the government, but if they did, it might not be bad.

Please note that Stafford loans sometimes referred to as a mobile phone contract, a student or a subsidized student loans.

Consolidation Loans

Once you pass the school youYou may want to consolidate your student loans. At this point you can have the opportunity to the lending company back in touch. And do not worry, they will contact with you, too!

In the FAFSA Consolidation Loans page you will find a summary of the script that convince a lender of it, you can consolidate to use. The modus operandi was to convey a sense of urgency, and also that it is a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT program.

Remember that the deadlines for these loans but they areusually based on publicly known information, such as school events and changes in interest rates by the Federal Government. If a lender tries to get you to your application in within three weeks, or “Your file is closed”, do not worry. The “file” can be re-opened real easy!

All the best in your training, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or suggestions.

Paul Gilchrist is a former Student Loan Officer. He founded the student loanConsumer resource FAFSA Loan

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